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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 376 and a goal update

Goal #1: Continue our journey towards financial peace.

As of yesterday, our baby EF is up to $275 with drop-in money from this last week and money from Tom's paycheck yesterday. I paid off a doctor's bill from October this week (and one from August the week before) so we should be all caught up on that. The Dr's office mis-coded my annual physical from November and they're trying to bill me for it now. I have asked them to re-file it with the correct code so I don't have to pay for it. So we'll see how that goes. Our insurance pays 100% for the annual physical so I should not have to pay anything. I made out a list of meal ideas for the next couple of weeks and shopped for them last night when we got groceries. I am still working on the budget for February.

Goal #2: Get more organized in my home and business.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have my desk looking really nice and it still looks that way. I have marked and filed all of my receipts and removed the bills from the folder as I paid them and filed them. I also recorded the ones that I can deduct in my child care record book. Still working on getting the evening routine down.

Goal #3: Have a more positive attitude.

Still working on this one! I'm having a hard time remembering to write in the Joy Journal, but I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep trying.

Hope everyone's having a nice (and warm) weekend!

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