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Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 382 and a debt update

After making our house payment this week, this is what our debt list looks like. We've paid off 11,398! God willing, we'll make our last American General Finance payment when Tom gets paid next week! That will leave us with our house, credit cards and then the student loans to work on. Isn't that amazing? Please keep us in your prayers as we continue this journey.

DLO: $14.40-PAID!
DLO: $34.11-PAID!
Radiology: $37-PAID!
Urgent care clinic: $46.15 (August 2007)-PAID!
Urgent care clinic: $40.55 (November 2007) PAID!
Urgent care clinic: $21.50 (February 2008) PAID!
Dr. Office: $79.20-PAID!
Dr. Office (June 2006) $105.02-PAID! Dr. Office (March 2008, Tracy & Tasha)-$63.44-PAID! Dr. Office (August 2008, Tasha) $53.30-PAID!
Dr. Office (October 2008, Tracy) $53.30-PAID!
ER Doctor: $93.54-PAID!
Dentist: PAID!!! Dentist: $27: PAID!
Auto parts store: $161.73-PAID! Auto parts store: $110.32-PAID! Josten's-PAID!
Second half 2007 real estate taxes: $148.64-PAID!
Hospital: $261.16-PAID!
Car loan: Balance: $255.97
House: paid $4355.78
Credit card #1: $2970-paid $450
Credit card #2: $1104-paid $150
Credit card #3: $990-paid $150
Credit card #4: $899-paid $529.19 (balance $370)
Credit card #5: $908-paid $150
Credit card #6: $2509-paid $375
My student loan: $12, 913 (in deferment due to my full time student status)
DH student loan: $53, 248(in forbearance)
As of January 30th, 2009: $11398.30 in debt paid off!

On other things:
I have homework due Sunday night and between computer problems, life, and falling down the steps yesterday, I'm feeling a bit behind. So don't be surprised if you don't hear from me this weekend.

I am very sore from my little trip down the steps yesterday, but as long as I take Aleve, I can function. I'm just moving slow.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 381 and fell down the steps

What did I say yesterday about me being the one to fall? This morning I decided to go out the back door and check out the back yard and see about going out to play later on today. Not thinking that those steps don't get much sun during the day. I took one step and fell right on my butt and then face down. ARGH! My butt hurts where it hit the corner of a step as I was falling. Plus two of my fingers are hurting. Don't know what I did there, but I can use them to type so I'm hoping they're just sore and will feel better. I also hit my back on something as I was coming down. Just great. A couple of years ago, I fell on ice and broke my tailbone and I'm desperately hoping this isn't a repeat of that, but my butt is really hurting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 380 and Thawing Out

Well, we got above freezing today and had lots of sunshine so there was lots of melting. Yay! I was so happy to see that stuff melting away. Hopefully tomorrow the kids and I can get out for a bit to play. We didn't go out today because there was still ice in spots and well I could just see someone falling and breaking something. And that someone would probably be me. Ha!

I have homework due this Sunday and I'm having a hard time getting into the swing of things. I usually do at the beginning of the semester. The first unit is really hard because I don't know what the professor is looking for. Oh and I don't know if I mentioned that I ended up getting a 4.0 last semester so I should be getting a President's Honor Roll certificate soon. If you saw my transcript from my first time in college, you wouldn't believe I'm getting straight A's now. LOL.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 379 and no kids today

Well between the ice and an earache, I ended up with no kids today. It was very weird! I did some homework this morning and also worked upstairs getting some of Josh's stuff put away in preparation for Tasha to move up there. Then I took a nice little nap this afternoon. Hehehe. I did not step foot out of the house except to sprinkle ice-melt on the steps and sidewalk this morning before I found out I wasn't having any kids. Some schools are already calling off school for tomorrow, but I look for us to have school and I'm sure I'll have kids. Very rarely does the weather cause me to have NO kids. I might have just one or two, but rarely none. I can only think of one other time it happened.

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 378 and BRRRRRRRRRR!

Oh my goodness! It was so cold and yucky today. It drizzled freezing rain and covered everything with ice and was just generally a nasty day. I am so tired tonight that my brain can barely function and I"m trying to do homework. So I guess I'll focus what brain cells I have on my homework and try to do better tomorrow!

Stay warm!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 377 and my testimony

Today we had men at church sharing their testimonies. It was amazing to listen to these men telling the stories of their faith and their salvation. Almost as amazing to me was the obvious love for their wives that they showed. The first man was almost in tears telling about how he met his wife. Anyway, that got me to thinking about my testimony. What would I share?

I remember going to Sunday school with my grandmother when we'd visit Granite before we moved back there. I remember going to a class in the basement and singing Jesus Loves Me. After we moved back to Granite, I went to church regularly with my grandparents. Later when I went to college and got married, I quit going to church. I started again after Tom and I moved to Pond Creek, but some things happened and we quit again. A few years ago, Serenity started going to this little church out in the middle of nowhere, aka Bethel Hawley Baptist Church. Before she got her license, I would drive her over there every Sunday and sit out in the parking lot while she went to Sunday school and church! After she got her license, eventually Josh and Tasha started going with her too. Every once in a while, she'd ask me to go and I'd say I would think about it. Serenity would look at me and tell me she knew I was just trying to get her to leave me alone. LOL! After our fire at Christmas of 2004, the church prayed for us, took up a collection for us (of both money and stuff for our kitchen) and I really began thinking about going. So finally, in October of 2005 (yes, it still took me almost a year to go after all that!), I started going to church again. I've made some wonderful friends there, I feel like I've grown closer to the Lord, and I really feel like I"m where God wants me to be. One of the biggest blessings of course have been the Financial Peace University classes we went through at the church. But the biggest blessing is how my heart is free of the constant worrying and obsessing I used to do. Now obviously, I'm not saying that I don't worry. I'd be lying if I said that. But it's not a constant, nagging, keep me awake at night worrying like I used to do. The months after the fire, especially when we were staying at the hotel and renting a house, I'd wake up at 3:00 a.m. and not be able to get back to sleep, thinking and worrying and obsessing.

God is good and I thank Him and praise Him for leading Serenity and eventually our whole family to the Bethel Hawley church family.