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Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 613 and homework due this weekend

I have homework due this weekend, along with grocery and Wal-Mart shopping to get done, so don't know how much I'll be around. Hope all of you have a super one!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 612 and splurging a bit tonight

I need a break so Tom & I are having a little date tonight. Yeah! Hope everyone has a great evening!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 611 and a couple of interesting things I've noticed...

When we eat at home, we go through our groceries faster. LOL. By the time grocery weekend rolls around, we are wiped out on food.

When we eat at home and I cook a lot of home-cooked meals, we go through dishwasher detergent faster because there's a lot more dishes.

On other news: Serenity got her car fixed (WE HOPE), it was a radiator hose. She found a mechanic there in town and took it there this morning, he had it ready by noon.

I remembered that we had towing coverage on our vehicles. I thought we had it on all of them, but apparently I had just put it on Josh & Serenity's. At any rate, we should get reimbursed for Josh's truck being towed back to town, so that is a little extra money. I also added it to Tom's car and when we replace the van, I'll add it to that. It's only $3.20 every 6 months and with our luck, it's well worth it.

I have an interview tomorrow for a drop-in spot two days a week, they got my card at the Napa store here in town. Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Days 607, 608, 609, & 610 and ENOUGH with the car troubles!

Okay, well, I've had enough with the car troubles!!!!!! Serenity called Friday and her car is broke down. Her friend from work hoped it might be something simple like the radiator reservoir. They were able to find a universal one that fit and changed it out, she drove it back to her apartment and it did fine. Then she drove it to school yesterday and it overheated again. She had class and work all day so I have not talked to her since to see what, if anything, she found out. So, please pray that it is something else easy and cheap because we're all about tapped out on money!