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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 258 and in pain today

Yesterday morning before I exercised, I felt my back pop and it felt kind of weird. After the stressful day yesterday, I guess some muscles must have seized up because I turned over the middle of the night and was woke up by excruciating pain in my shoulder blade. Anyway, it has hurt all day long, especially if I do something silly like turn my head. LOL. Anyway, I took a muscle relaxer after coming back from Enid and Tom rubbed it and that has helped some. It does still hurt tonight, but I am working on my homework before I go to bed. I have one assignment done and submitted and another one finished pending proofreading (without a muscle relaxed brain, LOL). But I still have rough drafts of my final papers for both classes to write plus other assignments. So...progress but still a ways to go. Keep me in your thoughts!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 257 and Oh my, what a day!

Wow, what a day. I am just wiped out tonight. I need a couple of days to recover from this day. LOL. This will be short tonight. I am trying to get some homework done tonight. Naptimes have been pretty much a bust for getting homework done this week.

Tom won $50 at the chili cook-off, plus a day off to go to the big one downtown on October 10th. He put $20 of his winnings in the baby EF which is now up to $635!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 256 and fighting negativity

I am feeling very negative and frustrated today. I cannot go into too much detail here, the gist of it is more drama with the same child care situation I've been frustrated about for a few weeks now.

I've done my Walk away the pounds workout twice this week! Tom got up and did it with me this morning. Go us! I also heard about a Yoga DVD from a friend at church last night called "Yoga for the rest of us". I'm thinking about checking into that. I'm really interested in yoga but don't think I'm ready for the advanced version yet. LOL.

Tonight are parent-teacher conferences, then a child care association meeting. Tomorrow there's no school so I'll have a very busy day. It looks like the weather will be nice though so we'll probably walk to the park or the playground or something.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 255 and Congratulations to Tom!

I want to congratulate my sweet husband! He won the chili cook-off at work today so he'll be taking his yummy chili downtown for the big cook-off. Way to go honey! He doesn't know yet what he won (besides a day off to go downtown). He changed up his recipe a bit this year. It was still really good, just a little different.

I've got grades back on most of my homework: 95/100 on both of my Dynamic Universe (science) papers, 96/100 on the online quiz in that class, and 46/50 on one of my Human Arrangements papers (still waiting on the other grade in there). I got full credit on both my course spanning tasks towards my final projects in those classes. So things are going pretty good in my classes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 254 and a long day!

Gosh it was a long day. Cranky kids, another kid who threw up everywhere and had to go home, no rest time, and I had promised to take Tasha to Enid tonight to pick up a music CD that came out today. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow. Oh, after adding the drop-in money and money from Tom's check last week, the baby EF is up to $615!!! Woohoo!

Good night!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 253 and Happy Fall!

Happy first day of fall, everyone! Although it's felt kind of like fall for a while now. I love this time of year with it's cool mornings and warm afternoons. I bet we have a beautiful fall this year and the leaves turn all kinds of wonderful colors. I'm curious what winter will be like after our mild summer, but guess we just have to wait and see.

This past weekend, we ate out twice. Friday night at Godfather's Pizza (YUM) and then Saturday lunch at Long John Silvers/A&W. Also quite yummy!

Josh needs on here to type an essay so I'm going to wrap this up. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 252 and another weekend is over

Wow, it's another Sunday night! The weekends sure fly by. Anyway, I got my last homework assignment submitted this afternoon. 1/2 way through another set of classes! The next two weeks will be busy because I'm going to try to get my homework done before I leave for the weekend. Hope you all have a great week!