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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 90 and I've got a decision to make

Well, after deciding that it wasn't meant to be for me to take a summer class, today I got a $500 scholarship check in the mail from the college. I had applied for the scholarship but the deadline was back in February and I hadn't heard a word so I assumed that I did not get it. The $500 is almost enough to pay for one 3 hour class. The classes are almost $200 a credit hour, plus the book or books. That money would have to come out of our budget somewhere. So I"m not sure what to do. I'm going to be praying about it and talking to Tom about it. I'm just so torn! I actually had myself looking forward to the time off.

The man came today to look at the damage from the leaks and he is going to start working on the living room area next Saturday. He needs to come on Saturdays because he has a big job going on during the week right now. That is better for me because of the kids anyway, so I'm happy with that.

Well another ding to the baby EF today. It wasn't totally unexpected but I had hoped it would wait a bit longer. I had to put two new tires on the van. I knew that one of them was bad and after driving it to Enid on Thursday night, I decided it was not a good idea to wait any longer. So the EF is down to $515. Gotta start rebuilding again!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 89 and I'm glad it's Friday!

Wow, this has been a long and tiring week! I am glad it is Friday. My meeting went well last night, but ran late. I did not even leave Enid until about 10:00. I was exhausted! We got our officers elected, had our training, and now we've got some time off. Yay!

This weekend, I hope to get a good portion of my homework that is due next Sunday (the 20th) done. For a couple of reasons: 1. Next weekend is really busy. I'm attending an all day class on Saturday and a baby shower on Sunday. 2. Our next and last set of assignments after this set are due on a Friday (May 2nd) instead of a Sunday. So I would like to get a head start on those because I'll only have one weekend to work on them. The week that they are due is a very busy one with revival services at our church, and a child care association meeting here in Pond Creek. Phew! The next few weeks are going to be so busy!

Well, I must confess a couple of things. First, I did not do well on my eating last night or so far today! But I'll keep trying. Second, I lied yesterday. Not on purpose of course, but I did. LOL. I forgot that we did kind of eat out Tuesday night this week. Tasha & I had Bob's before my club meeting, Tom got Sonic after band practice, and I gave Josh money to get something to eat during his supper break at work. So there. Now you know the truth! LOL!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 88 and a meeting tonight

Tonight I have my last Enid child care association meeting of the year, we'll resume meetings in August. We're also having officer elections. Since finding people who are willing/able to serve is always a challenge, officer elections are usually not that fun. I've got people lined up willing to be nominated for all offices except for one, haven't found a taker for it yet. It's vice-president and the easiest so I'm hoping someone will volunteer tonight. I was most worried about treasurer, but I found someone willing to accept it, so that's a relief.

I blew my eating last night be eating birthday cake and chocolate ice cream, but oh well. I'm trying to get right back on track today.

I cannot believe our last FPU class is this Sunday night. I am so sad! It has been so much fun and we've done so well this time, I just hate for it to end. I will keep up the blog though to help keep myself accountable. We are still doing very well at avoiding the eating out. We haven't eaten out since we went to Norman. We'll be eating out sometime for Josh's birthday (if we can ever get all of our schedules synchronized!). Tom hasn't brought home Sonic drinks this week at all. He does get them before he goes to band practice since he's there for several hours with nothing else to drink but beer. Sonic seems to be the wiser choice. LOL. I'm going to get one before I go to my meeting tonight. But once again, compared to how we used to drink Sonic drinks, I still consider that a success.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 87 and another birthday today!

Today is Josh's 19th birthday. It sometimes seems like just yesterday that he was born. When I remember what he went through after he was born (he almost died), I just realize what an incredible blessing it is to be celebrating his 19th birthday today!

I am feeling a bit down today. We had a club meeting last night, and it was a rough one. I think several of us went home feeling bummed out, discouraged, and probably even ticked off. Sometimes working in a group with other people can be such hard work. People aren't perfect which means that things don't always go smoothly. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of WHY we do what we do in our group. Just say some prayers that we come through this rough patch okay and continue on with our good work in the community.

Hope you are all having a great day! I just heard a rumble of thunder outside!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 86 and a new supper favorite

Well, we have a new supper favorite at our house-taco salads! We crumble some tortilla chips in the bottom of a bowl, pile some lettuce and onions on top, and add some taco meat, beans, cheese, and salsa, and yum! Oh, I like tomatoes on mine too. Simple, cheap, and fairly healthy!

Speaking of healthy, I posted last week about trying to take better care of myself and I need to update. I have eaten breakfast everyday since, except for Saturday. I have been avoiding sweets, although I did eat a baked apple pie from McDonald's that a friend had given Tom. But still, compared to how I was doing, I'm doing great! I am going to continue making sure I eat breakfast everyday, even on weekends, and continue to avoid sweets.

I got grades back on some of the homework I submitted over the weekend, I got A's on both of my humanities papers. I haven't heard back from the other class yet.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 85 and the shrinking EF

Well, I certainly hope that we are done using our EF for a while! It is down to $636 with the car repairs we've had over the last few days. What an incredible blessing to have it though! In the last 10 days, we have had over $300 in car repairs and $144 in plumbing repairs and didn't have to put off paying any bills, borrow any money, or charge anything. WOW! I am feeling very blessed right now!

It looks like there won't be any summer school for me this summer. The only financial aid I have been offered so far was a student loan. Since we agreed that we wouldn't go any farther into debt for me to do this, then I guess I'll be taking the summer off. I'm a little bummed, but on the other hand, I'm thinking that it's for the best. As long as I am in college, my old student loans don't gather any interest and I don't have to make payments on them. So that gives us more time to work on getting this other stuff paid off before we have to tackle my student loans. So, I've got 4 more weeks until I get a break! YAY!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 84 and another round of homework turned in!

Well, I got another round of homework turned in tonight. I finished it this afternoon but waited until I could look over it again tonight before submitting it.

We are getting ready to start our 13th week of this journey! I can't believe that we only have one FPU class left and it will be over. It sure went fast. I'm going to miss going every week, and hope and pray that we keep up the intensity.

This week, we stumbled a bit and got Sonic drinks twice. But I guess considering we used to do it 4 or 5 times a week, I won't be too hard on us. We haven't eaten out at all since last weekend, even though we were seriously tempted to last night (it was just Tom & I). But I got myself in the kitchen and fixed supper instead.

Here's to another great week!