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Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 403 and various updates

Well, I have to give a lotion update. Right now, absolutely NOTHING is working to keep my hands from cracking. I am so bummed out! They look and feel terrible!

Tom has heard from work that the Friday furlough could continue through March. We are so grateful that he has not been laid off completely, but this is still pretty scary! With the loss of overtime and the reduced hours, his pay has been cut by about 40%! So keep us in prayer, please. Right now with the increase in my enrollment, we are doing well. I am so thankful to God for that.

On my grandpa, he's at home and doing okay. At the first of the week, his blood sugar was so high that it wasn't registering on the meter. The last day or two, it's been down to around 200-300. Still way too high, but at least not off the charts. He has an infection at the incision site which isn't helping, I"m sure. Please pray for my grandma and my mom and the rest of the family.

We are going to see my grandpa tomorrow. I am also working on homework to try and get done before next Saturday because I promised Tasha I'd take her somewhere that day. If possible, I will post this weekend, but it may be Monday before you "see" me again. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 402 and Using What You Already Have

When you need something to do a project, is your first inclination to see if there is something you already have that you can use? Or is your first inclination to go buy it? I have to admit that often my first inclination is to go buy it. Yesterday, I was wanting to put together a "treasure" box for an activity with the children. It will be part of a new routine I am establishing with them and I wanted it to be pretty and fairly sturdy. I was thinking about those hard cardboard type treasure or gift boxes that you can buy. I was wondering if I could still find a heart shaped one on clearance since Valentine's Day had just ended. Then it hit me. I already had the perfect thing in my Valentine box. Last year, one of my parents gave me some candy at Valentine's. It came in this cool heart shaped clear plastic container. I kept it because it was neat but was not sure what I was going to do with it. So I made a sign that said "Tracy's Treasures" on red paper and then traced around it (I had also kept the paper inserts so I was able to use it to trace the right shape) and cut it out and made my treasure box. How often do we do that? Immediately think of buying something instead of using something we already have? Something to think about...

Oh, and on the treasure box, in case you're wondering. I have mentioned my admiration for Dr. Becky Bailey. In her ideas, she suggests using a treasure box with pictures of the children in it as part of your daily routine. You say a special poem or sing a special song about being kind to each other and everyone puts their picture in the treasure box. The children are my treasures and it is my job to keep them safe and their job to help me keep everyone safe. Keeping safe does not include just their bodies, it includes their hearts and their feelings.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 401 and The Love Dare book

I briefly mentioned the movie Fireproof a few days ago. It is a movie produced by the same church that did Facing the Giants (and they have a previous movie called Flywheel also that is very good). Anyway, in the movie it mentions a book called The Love Dare. The main characters father gives it to him and asks him to take the love dare for 40 days. Let's just say that the results are amazing. I found where I could download and print the first chapter online. WOW! The first day's dare was about being patient. Hmmmm...not one of my strong points. It really spoke right to my heart.

The movie stars Kirk Cameron (from Family Ties fame) and the rest of the actors are volunteers from the church and I think they did an incredible job. Well...anyway, like I said if you're married and haven't seen it: rent it or borrow it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 400 and 400!!!!

Well today just got away from me and I took a Benadryl tonight for my allergies. I wish I had something profound and thought-provoking to write tonight. I cannot believe I have been doing this for 400 days. Sooo...That's all I've got. LOL

Monday, February 16, 2009

Days 397, 398, and 399 and my weekend

Saturday, I spent most of the day working on homework. Unfortunately I did not get it all done so I did not get to go down to see my grandpa on Sunday. On Saturday night, Tom, Tasha, & I headed to the church for the Valentine's banquet (Tasha helped provide child care). We had already committed to go and had to pay and had to take Tasha anyway so figured we might as well go and enjoy it. I thought I would have trouble relaxing and enjoying it, but once I got there, I was able to relax and have a good time. The food was good and then we watched Fireproof. Oh my goodness! If you are married and you have not seen this, rent it! It is very powerful!

On Sunday, we had church and I finished up my homework.

Today I'm starting a new unit in my classes. I am almost done with the textbook reading for one class.

I haven't got any updates on my grandpa since Saturday. On Saturday, they were hoping he would go home today. My dad had the appointment with the heart doctor today and I have not heard anything about that yet either.