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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Writer's Block

I have had a horrible case of writer's block all this week! Everywhere, the blogs, the Examiner page, etc. I hate it when that happens! Going to have to do something to get myself jump started again.

On another note, I've been exercising 6 days a week since January 30th. I had been switching back and forth between Walk Away the Pounds and Yoga for the Rest of Us.This week, I decided to start trying to do the 2 mile Walk Away the Pounds walk, I did it Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Monday and Wednesday I did the 1 mile walks and Friday, I did the yoga DVD because my heels had been bothering me so I thought I should switch it up a bit. I don't think ever in my whole life have I exercised consistently for this long, so this is HUGE!!!! I also went to the doctor yesterday morning to have blood drawn to check my blood sugar levels (hoping they've come down a bunch). While I was there, I weighed. I had lost 3.5 pounds since November. I had hoped for more but then I realized that I have probably gained some muscle from the workouts, and so I decided to just be happy about it. LOL. From the fall of 2010 (before my surgery) until now, I've lost 24.5 pounds.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Serenity!

Today I want to wish a happy 24th birthday to our wonderful daughter Serenity! I know that I am blessed with really good kids, but sometimes I am reminded of just how lucky I am. Serenity told me a few weeks ago that she didn't want anything for her birthday, she'd rather us put the money towards one of our debts. How awesome is that? I don't think, shoot I KNOW I wouldn't have done that when I was her age.

Happy Birthday Serenity!