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Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 375 and Why is it?

Tom & I went grocery shopping and Wal-Mart shopping tonight. I want to know why with gas prices (and even diesel prices) at half what they were a few months ago, WHY are groceries still going up???????? It seems every time I go, things are a few more cents expensive. For example, green beans at Aldi's were 29 cents a can when I first started shopping there a couple of years ago when they opened in Enid. Now they are up to 49 cents a can. That's just one example of many and well, I find it a bit frustrating. Anyway...moving on.

It was cold and miserable shopping tonight! Holy cow! Right before my last child left, it started raining ice and we almost didn't go. But then it quit, so we decided to just go and get it over with. We got just a few miles out of town and it was dry as a bone. However, the wind was bitter and cold. I'm glad the shopping's done and out of the way. Our cupboards were quite bare! LOL!

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