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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 188 and the first day of vacation

It is still day 188, but just barely! LOL!

Well, the day got off to kind of a crappy start when we found out that Josh's car needs a head gasket fixed or replaced or something. It's like good grief, is all this car trouble ever going to end?

I took Tasha and some friends to Enid. I think they had a good time, and I'm exhausted! While I was gone, I got a call from the mom that I interviewed with a few weeks ago. I tried to call her back, but got voice mail. Guess I"ll try again tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 187 and "Tick Tock"

Have you ever noticed how time just seems to creep right before you are getting ready to have some time off? Then the time off goes at warp speed?

Tomorrow I am taking Tasha and a couple of friends to see a movie (the matinee, of course), eat a cheap supper, and then to see "The 99" exhibit at the mall (we have free tickets for that). This is for Tasha's birthday. Her friends were gone last weekend, so we're doing it tomorrow. Then on Monday, the youth group is supposed to leave for Falls Creek. As of right now, they don't have enough sponsors for the 30 kids that are going so I'm not sure what will happen there.

I've got that interview today at 5:00 for one of my spots. This morning before kids came, I made up some new flyers to go hang up around town to try and get some more interviews. I also have an ad scheduled to be in the newspaper next week. I know that God will send me the right family or families.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 186 and an interview tomorrow

I need good thoughts and prayers please. I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow evening. I haven't heard back from the mom with the two little girls that I interviewed earlier this month so I need to keep interviewing to fill my two spots.

Just one more day until vacation! Woohoo! Some of the plans we've made include spending some time with our great-niece, maybe going to see Serenity one day (depending on if we can coordinate schedules), going to Hope Outreach and other thrift stores to look around and maybe get some new (to us) books or other treasures. Of course, we'll also spend time at home just relaxing and enjoying out beautiful home.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 185 and one day closer to vacation

Gee, you'd think I need a vacation or something, wouldn't you? LOL! I am so ready for those days off. Anyone have any free or nearly free ideas that we could do next week during our vacation? We're pressed for cash, but want to do a few things anyway. We're already planning to hit Hope Outreach and search for some books, watch some DVD's we haven't had a chance to watch yet, go out to eat a time or two, and just generally relax.

I didn't feel near as emotional today so hopefully I'm past this bout of emotional meltdowns. The kids were still wound up today, but come to think of it, I think they're usually this way right before my vacation every year anyway. Maybe they need a break from me, too! LOL!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 184 and is the moon full already?

I didn't think it was time for the full moon yet, but my kids were sure acting like it was this morning. My goodness!

Anyway, thanks for all the words and thoughts of encouragement. I am just really struggling right now and I can't put my finger on what the bottom line is. I know I'm upset because I've had one opening most of the summer. I'm losing another child to pre-k next month. I've had one interview and several phone calls, but nothing has come through as definite yet. Instead of handing it over to God, I seem to want to be holding onto it and worrying about it. I'm actually wondering if there's something hormonal going on with me as emotional as I've been lately. Anyway, enough of that. What do I always say I need to do when I'm feeling down? Count my blessings! So here we go! I'll try to think of some I haven't named before:

1. We have a trustworthy mechanic who goes above and beyond for us on our vehicles!
2. We are blessed with family members who own an auto parts store and sell us parts at cost!
3. No matter how much Josh's car ends up costing, we still have Josh and he's irreplaceable!
4. Serenity came and got Natasha to go stay with her for a couple of days, which I thought was very sweet!
5. Vacation is 3 1/2 days away!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 183 and 6 months

Today it has been six months since I started the blog and Tom & I have turned our life around. Sure we've been stupid a time or two or three along the way but all in all things are much better. However, the last few weeks have been hard and I've been struggling with feeling really down about it all. Summer is always really tough with teacher's kids dropping down to fewer days per week, then I lost a full-time child on top of it. We haven't been able to put any extra towards debt since May and we've been lucky to stay afloat through most of it. Then there's the car repairs. UGH! Josh's car has been in the shop for 2 weeks now and thankfully Tom's car is still holding up so that Josh can drive it and Tom can drive the van. I don't know how much Josh's car is going to end up costing us, but we did tell Josh that he had to pay for at least part of it. We had to use part of the EF a couple of weeks ago to pay for what the insurance wouldn't pay on the tooth Tom had pulled last month. So it stands at $685 right now. If we were paying for all of Josh's car repairs, I think that would about wipe it out and we still have to figure out what's going on with Tom's car. Anyway, I guess my point is all of this has been weighing on me and stressing me and overwhelming me almost to the point of being unable to even think about it. Does that sound weird? I know it is. It sounds like the old Tracy who lived in denial and let things pile up and get way behind. I know that God will take care of us and I know that we have to be smart with what God gives us. So you might say some prayers for us, because I know that Tom is struggling too.

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 182 and My Baby turned 15 today

Today was Tasha's birthday and she turned 15 years old! That just blows my mind! She has grown up and changed so much over the last year that she's not even like the same kid anymore. She keeps reminding us that she gets to get her license in just a year! UGH! In some ways, I look forward to that. In some ways...not so much. LOL! Tasha's going back with Serenity tonight to spend a couple of days in Norman with her.

The countdown to vacation begins....(actually it began several weeks ago, but whatever. LOL)

5 more working days!