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Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week

So this week, I have worked out everyday! Monday & Friday, I did my Walk Away the Pounds workout, Tuesday & Thursday, I did the Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD, and Wednesday, I shoveled snow. I have to say, I feel pretty good. I think another week of doing 1/2 mile on the Walk Away the Pounds DVD and then I'll go ahead and bump it up a little bit more, maybe to 3/4 mile (wanting to take it slow and not burn myself out). What amazed me the most was being able to shovel that snow! Less than two months after my surgery and shoveling all that snow! Wow! I couldn't have done it a year ago. Or I'd have been gasping and wheezing and worn out. Don't get me wrong, I was tired after, but in a good way.

Goals for the next week:
By next Friday: I will make a new list of our current bills. Time to face the music.

Work out Monday-Friday again next week!

Continue working in the office to get it cleaned and organized.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

God is in Control

God is in control. That has become my "mantra". When I'm feeling stressed or worried or just overwhelmed, I just remind myself that "God is in control". It's amazing what this little phrase will do to my heart. I immediately feel a sense of peace when I remember that I am not the one in control, God is. If I remember to rely on him instead of myself, I feel much better.

So...with that in mind, I remind myself that even though we've struggled with our finances, God is in control. We can't give up, we have to keep trying. So, I'm putting our finances on my prayer list and in God's hands. And I'll try really hard not to take it back once I put it there.

On another note, I may not have done my Walk Away the Pounds workout yesterday, but I did shovel snow. LOTS of snow! I think that counts as working out. My shoulders and back would agree with me! LOL!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Snow Day!

My goodness, another day with no kids. It's nice to have these breaks sometimes, but I can't really afford them! LOL. Tom didn't even try going into work this morning, I don't think our little Honda would have made it. We got A LOT of snow!

My sinuses started bothering me yesterday so I'm feeling kind of "blech" today, but it was nice to sleep in a bit. I'm going to try to motivate myself to work some more in the office today since I have a break.

Other updates: I exercised Monday and Tuesday morning. I didn't exercise this morning because Josh was needing the shower early and so I needed to get in there before Tom. If I'd looked out the window first, I'd have known that Josh wouldn't be going anywhere either. HA!

Hope everyone has a good day and stays snug and warm!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holy Smokes, it's COLD!

Well, this is stating the obvious, but it is cold and nasty out there. ICK! My meeting for Thursday has already been cancelled and my meeting tonight got cut short because we didn't have a quorum.

Tom and I listened to the first Dave Ramsey CD last night. It's hard listening to him talk about how "easy" it is to get $1000 in the baby emergency fund and how we should do it quickly. I think it almost just underscores how little progress we've made in this journey. We've never been able to get past Baby Step 1. I'm trying really hard to keep a positive attitude. I do know we can't give up. We have to keep trying.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tonight's the Night

Tonight, Tom and I will begin listening to our Dave Ramsey CD's and going through the workbook together. It is time to get ourselves back on track in this journey!

This is a super busy week for me, meetings Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (weather permitting), and a class Friday night and all day Saturday. So if you don't see me around much, don't worry!

Today I was only scheduled to have two kids during the day (Mondays are generally my easy day) and they're both out. kids until after school. I'm going to tackle this office and get some more work done in here. Gotta get taxes done by March 1st so I can file a FAFSA for Tasha for college this fall.

Happy Monday and I hope everyone has a great week!