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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 418 and Housework/Homework

Today I have been busy doing homework and housework. I have done more homework than housework, but not enough of either. Sometimes things just don't flow like I"d like them to on these assignments! Tom is not feeling well, he got a cold. He has spent most of the day resting and hopefully will be feeling better by tomorrow.

Back to work I go!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 417 and tough times

Well, with Tom's paycheck this week there was a newsletter that talked about the Friday furloughs. From the way it sounded, there is no end in sight. But as the newsletter said, we can be grateful to not be one of the more than half a million people getting laid off each month! Definitely, keep all of those families in prayers.

However,I must confess, with the traveling the last couple of weekends (Granite, OKC, and Wichita), we've spent a little too much money and we will need to really tighten our belts over the next few weeks to get caught back up. I found out today that I may be off all of spring break. Financially that won't be so good, but mentally, it will be great. You may have noticed I've been a bit stressed lately. LOL.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 416 and our dryer

Yesterday, Josh starts texting and calling me asking me questions about the dryer, but won't tell me why. I assume he's found a used one that someone is selling or that they have a return at Lowe's that we can get cheap. Around 5:30, he calls and says that he is on his way with a dryer for us. That is all he says. The boy bought us a brand new dryer! I could not (and still cannot) believe it. Isn't that the sweetest thing? It really humbled me. He knew how much trouble ours had been giving us because he has been doing laundry here sometimes. So no more psycho dryer stories! LOL!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 415 and American General Finance

Okay, so I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had paid off our American General Finance note. We got our lien releases for the van a couple of weeks later, but not the one for the car. I called and kind of got the runaround. Then another lady called back and told Tom (I wouldn't answer the phone because I was too annoyed) that he could come by and get it. So he went to get it the next day. It was just a copy of the title with a note that they were releasing the lien. We don't know if this is because Tom's car has a tribal tag or what. Now that a few weeks are passed, I'm going to have Tom call the tribe and make sure THEY have the record that the lien is released. Anyway, sorry, I digress from the point of my story.

Last week, American General Finance starts calling (not the office in Enid but an out of state number). Turns out they want to find out if we want to consolidate some bills, maybe borrow $5,000-$10,000 to do that? I tell them no and ask them to take us off their calling list. On Saturday, they call again. Tom tells them we are not interested (I had forgotten to tell him that I had asked them take us off their calling list). Monday, the Enid office calls and tells me that someone had talked to Tom over the weekend and thought we might be interested in borrowing some money. No, I tell them, in fact, I asked to be removed from the calling list last week. She tells me it takes 30 days to get removed from the calling list. Now is it just me or does that seem like an inordinately long amount of time? Really? I'm guessing it's computerized, and all they have to do is go in and delete or name. The cynical side of me thinks that they think if the call enough times over the next month that they will catch us in a weak moment and we'll say yes. Am I too cynical? Does 30 days seem like a long time to anyone else?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Days 413 and 414 and completely forgot!

Wow! That's the first time that has happened. I completely forgot to post yesterday. I remembered last night that I had not, but I let Tasha on here right after that, intending to get back on. But my back was hurting and I had taken a muscle relaxer and well...I crashed. LOL.

I am feeling better than last week, whatever that was. It never did feel like a full-fledged cold. So maybe it was some intense sinus stuff? I don't know. But my nose is back to its normal dry, yucky, stuffed-up self. What a relief. LOL.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Days 411 and 412 and March already!

Can you believe it is the first day of March already? My goodness!

Anyway, my dad got to go home yesterday and is doing pretty well except not being all that excited about having to stay down for a few days. My grandpa is continuing to improve and I even talked to him on the phone yesterday.

I took Tasha and a couple of friends to that Winter Jam concert in Wichita yesterday. Oh my goodness! It was cold! The kids were right up at the front of the line and were able to get floor seats. They were really excited and had a wonderful time. They got in line at 12:40 and were there until the doors opened at 5:00! I waited until 4ish to get in line and I was thinking that was the longest hour of my life, I don't know how the kids did it.

Well, a new week is upon us. I start my last units for the classes that I"m currently in tomorrow and then I'll be starting new classes in a couple of weeks. Hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll see you all tomorrow!