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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 362 and a busy day

I got up this morning and got my grocery shopping done, then came back and had lunch and then have been working in the office this afternoon. Then Tom and I hung out tonight and watched TV together so it was a nice relaxing evening. Anyway, I'm too tired to think of anything profound (or even not profound, LOL) to say tonight. Hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 361 and a debt update

Well there's no doubt that our debt repayment has been slowed down with the circumstances of the last several months (me having openings and now Tom's hours being cut). However, we are still making progress. For example, we have two more car payments to make and our vehicles will be free & clear. That is huge, especially since that will mean the end of our loan at American General Finance. We've had a loan there (that we've kept refinancing) for years and years. I'd say probably since the mid to late 1990's. As of today, we've paid off over $10,700 in the last year since we started this journey. It's a small drop in the bucket compared to what we owe, but even a bucket eventually fills up with drops of water, right?

Here's the latest list:
DLO: $14.40-PAID!
DLO: $34.11-PAID!
Radiology: $37-PAID!
Urgent care clinic: $46.15 (August 2007)-PAID!
Urgent care clinic: $40.55 (November 2007) PAID!
Urgent care clinic: $21.50 (February 2008) PAID!
Dr. Office: $79.20-PAID!
Dr. Office (June 2006) $105.02-PAID! Dr. Office (March 2008, Tracy & Tasha)-$63.44-PAID! Dr. Office (August 2008, Tasha) $53.30
Dr. Office (October 2008, Tracy) amount yet to be determined
ER Doctor: $93.54-PAID!
Dentist: PAID!!! Dentist: $27: PAID!
Auto parts store: $161.73-PAID! Auto parts store: $110.32-PAID! Josten's-PAID!
Second half 2007 real estate taxes: $148.64-PAID!
Hospital: $261.16-PAID!
Car loan: Balance: $511
House: paid $4020.72
Credit card #1: $2970-paid $450
Credit card #2: $1104-paid $150
Credit card #3: $990-paid $150
Credit card #4: $899-paid $529.19 (balance $370)
Credit card #5: $908-paid $150
Credit card #6: $2509-paid $375
My student loan: $12, 913 (in deferment due to my full time student status)
DH student loan: $53, 248(in forbearance)

As of January 9th, 2009: $10,700.67 in debt paid off!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 360 and a lotion update

Well, my search for a lotion that will help my hands continues...

Right now, none of the lotions I had been using are protecting my hands. My right hand looks like someone beat on it with a meat cleaver. Ugh! When I go shopping this weekend, I'm going to get the Neutrogena lotion that a friend suggested and try it. I'll keep you posted. On a positive note, I had got Tasha some Avon Moisture Intensive Therapy lotion for her stocking at Christmas and that is helping her hands! I don't like the smell of it though so I can't use it.

Tomorrow, I plan to have a debt update and this weekend hopefully I'll finish sharing my goals for 2009.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 359 and trying to do the budget

So I've been trying to work up a budget for this month. It's really hard when we don't know how much Tom's paychecks are going to be with the reduction in hours. Of course, I can estimate, but I don't have an exact figure. It's also hard because there just does not seem to be enough money for everything. But, I think I'm about to get it all worked out. So send me some good thoughts, I'd sure appreciate them! One good thing is that I'll get my financial aid refund from OU in the next couple of weeks so that will help. I've also had the two new kids start. I won't start seeing any money from them until February, so January will be tough, but I think we'll be okay. I'm just trying to focus on what Dave says about keeping your four walls: home, food, utilities, and vehicles taken care of. That means the credit cards have been on the back burner for a while which means we're getting creditor calls again. Sigh. So far I'm ignoring them because I do not know what to say. Keeping my eyes on God!

My joy for today: the weather was beautiful and we got to spend time outside both morning and afternoon. It was wonderful!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 358 and sharing my goals, part 3

My third goal for this year:
3. Have a more positive attitude.

My negative attitude is something that I have struggled with all of my life. I was elected as class pessimist in both my 9th grade and 12th grade graduations. LOL. In the last few years, I've worked really hard to overcome that negativity and have made strides, but I want to continue to work on it. I don't think I'll ever be a ray of sunshine, but maybe I can at least avoid being a rain cloud.

A. Have a joy journal. Write down at least one thing everyday that was a blessing or made me smile.
B. Attribute positive intent. This is from one of my favorite authors, Dr. Becky Bailey. My friend recently sent me a bracelet with the words "positive intent" on it. I've been wearing that remind myself to look for the positive in things, whether it's with the kids or with my family or other areas of life. Even if their intent isn't positive, my attitude is better if I think it is.
C. Do my Bible study daily and pray continuously. If I keep my eyes on God, it helps my attitude.

Speaking of blessings, I had a phone call today from someone looking for child care in the mornings from 8-12. Since I have bigger kids gone to school during the day, I can take a drop-in during that time to help our income while Tom is off on Fridays plus it will help us rebuild our EF.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 357 and a small victory

So tonight I was really, really tired, and I had sent Tom back into town to make a deposit for me so I could order my textbooks for my next set of classes. I really fought the urge to have him bring something home from Enid for supper and this time I won out over that urge and cooked supper! Go me!

That being said, I am exhausted. I was wide awake at 4:00 a.m. this morning, and my two new kids started today so it was a busy day. I'm going to bed and hopefully I'll sleep until at least 5:00 tomorrow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 356 and sharing my goals, part 2

My second goal of the new year:

2. Get more organized in my home and business.
A. Get my office straightened up (I've been working on that this weekend)
B. Put together a Control Journal (for more information on that, visit Flylady's website).
C. In order to keep the business side of my life organized, I'll set aside time in every week to work on keeping up with things (recording hours worked, receipts, payments, etc).
D. In the control journal, I'll be putting together a schedule for keeping the house cleaned.

That's all for tonight. If I think of more (and I think I probably will), I'll come back and add to this. Tomorrow, I'll continue sharing my goals for 2009.