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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 118 and the garage sale

Well, the garage sale is over. It went pretty well. We made about $80, along with the $50 I made selling the riding lawnmower last week, that's $130 to put towards a credit card. I'd say we made most of the money within the first couple of hours and very little after that. At any rate, we cleared out a lot of stuff and we made a little money. So I'm happy. And I'm happy it's over! LOL!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 117 and Busy Day Ahead

No school today (unused snow day), and all 7 kids all day long so I'm thinking naptime might be interesting! LOL! Then tonight, Tom & I have to finish getting ready for the garage sale. Quite frankly, most of the week I've been wondering what in the world made us decide to do this. Can we really make enough money to make this worth all the time we've put into it? I'm not sure! Keep your fingers crossed for us.

What else? Let's see, my goal is to make it through this weekend without eating out. It will be seriously tempting with the garage sale tomorrow, but eating out will eat into our profits, so it's not a good idea. LOL. We have had Sonic drinks once this week, Tom brought them home Wednesday.

Can anyone believe it's already a week into May and in just a couple of weeks school will be out? I have to decide whether I'm going to hire a teenager (former child care girl) to help me out this summer. On one hand, it will be money out of the budget. On the other, if she could keep the younger children occupied, it would give me a chance to do more with the older kids. Tasha's not as interested in helping out as she used to be.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 116 and oh so very tired!

I waited up on Josh to get home from work last night because he was leaving on his Sr. trip at 12:01 a.m. (They couldn't leave until Thursday, so they left as early as possible on Thursday. LOL). They are gone to San Antonio and will be back Saturday. I cannot believe his graduation is just over a week away! My house is still a mess and I feel totally unprepared. Well, I guess it will happen whether I'm prepared or not, right? LOL!

I did get the riding mower sold so that is $50 more to go towards that one credit card. Hopefully we do well with the garage sale and get some more to send towards it.

I'm still waiting on one grade from my Study in Depth Prospectus class, but even without those points, I should end up with an A in that class, and I already know I have an A in my Modern Humanities class. I'm planning to use my time over the summer to get really organized on my child care curriculum for next year.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 115 and Worried about Serenity

Serenity has 3 finals today and she threw up all night last night, and after her first test this morning. She feels like she bombed her second test, and has 4 hours until her next test. I hate it when my children are hurting and there's nothing I can do about it! Serenity hardly ever gets sick, talk about a crappy time for it to happen. So say some prayers for her today, I think she needs them.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 114 and that end of semester exhaustion

Well, the "semester is over and I am worn out" feeling has hit me and hard! LOL! I don't have time to slow down either. We're getting ready for the garage sale, got Josh's graduation and party afterwards coming up, and other stuff to take care of. Life is crazy busy!

I may have the riding mower sold so that will be another $50 to throw at one of the credit cards. Of course I am not counting on it until I have it in my hot little hand. I mailed a check for $250 from our stimulus payment towards the credit card who sent me the first check back. They happen to be the smallest debt and I want to get them paid off. That payment brought our total debt paid off since January up to $4600, in just under 4 months! Not only that, our house payment, electric payment, gas bill payment, car payment, and phone bill payments have all been made-before they were due. I feel so blessed! If I haven't mentioned it lately, thanks for all your support!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 113 and Who's Tired of the Price of Gas?

My goodness! Is anyone but me sick of the price of gas? That's pretty much a rhetorical question since I know that we all are. What can we do to save on gas? The gas that Tom needs to get back and forth to work is pretty much set, we can't really cut back on that. He has to go to work 5 days a week. It takes about one tank of gas a week, so right now that's around $45 or so. Since it's summer, my child care association in Enid will be taking a break so I won't be driving to Enid for that, but I will be taking some other child care related training. However, the May trainings fall on weekends I would be going in to go grocery shopping anyway so I can just do my shopping while I'm in town. I already only grocery shop every other weekend and have Tom pick up stuff I need in between. Then of course, there's the twice on Sunday drive to church. I really don't want to give up church. I've not felt like I belong in a church as well as I belong in this one since I was a kid and teenager and went to church with my grandmother.

I called the Dr's billing office this morning and got Tasha's bills straightened out. I HOPE! The lady is also supposed to call me back when the payments I mailed on Saturday make it there.

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day 112 and some success with the credit cards

Friday & Saturday in the mail, we got envelopes with statements from the company that has 3 of our credit card accounts saying that we had a certain amount due by the 25th of the month. That amount was the amount that I had sent them and said we could pay right now! So hallelujah for some success! The other places all cashed the checks, including the place that sent the first check back. So we'll see how things go from here.

We spent a lot of yesterday and part of today working on stuff for the garage sale. I don't know how much we'll make, but anything will help.

Some confessions: Friday night, I brought home Sonic after grocery shopping and last night Tom & I ate at the bbq place. Oh and last Saturday, Tom & I took our niece and great-niece out to lunch. We let Hailee pick and she picked McDonald's. LOL. So she was a cheap date. I am still so proud of us for how well we're doing.