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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 279 and exhausted today

I am just flat wrung out today! I always feel this way at the end of a set of classes and coupled with still fighting the cough that I've had has just made me worn out today. Tom & I have plans this evening (more about that tomorrow), and later this afternoon we're going to go to the Hospice Circle of Love book sale and look for some book bargains. Cause you know...we don't have enough books already. LOL

Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 278 and a brief debt update

Once we paid the car payment this week, a total of $9048.23 paid off. I have a parent that paid me today. Once I get that deposited, I'll be sending some credit card payments off and I'll have another update.

Today was a really nice day. I was off so I worked on homework and relaxed. Then tonight I went into Enid and got my Wal-mart and grocery shopping done. My homework is all done and submitted so I'm homework free for the weekend. My new classes start on Monday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 277 and a very trying day

You know how a few weeks ago I had a "this is why I love my job day"? Well today I had a "why do I do this job?" day. LOL. Seriously, it was an exhausting and trying day. I didn't get 5 minutes peace at naptime because by the time one of the boys was asleep, the baby was already awake. So I'm plumb wore out tonight. I had to seriously fight off the temptation to eat out. It was HARD! But we didn't give in, and I cooked supper. Now I am working on homework hoping I can get mostly done so I can enjoy my weekend and relax before my two new classes start on Monday.

Tom seems to be feeling better except for the nagging cough, so that's a relief. He did the dishes after supper so I could start on my homework. Speaking of, guess I better get back to it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 276 and temptation

Yesterday in the mail we got a letter from Fingerhut temporarily increasing our credit limit to $1400 through the end of December! We can use it to shop from the big holiday catalog that is coming out soon. Best of all, if we spend it all, they'll leave it increased after the first of the year. Geesh. First off, we paid off our Fingerhut account years ago and closed it. All of a sudden, the last couple of years they're sending us stuff again. The sad thing is, with Christmas coming up, this could be very tempting. I plan to throw the catalog away as soon as I get it. We have gone almost an entire year without incurring any new debt (besides the auto parts store which we're paying off). I do not plan to let temptation get me now. But it's always there, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 275 and slipping

Tom and I have kind of been slipping. We're still doing pretty good at not eating out (especially compared to the past) but I haven't been doing very well at getting the budget together. It's just so discouraging right now.'s my goal. I'm going to get a budget done for the rest of the month by Friday (when Tom gets paid). Here's to getting back on track!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 274 and trying to catch up

I'm trying to catch up from feeling so lousy last week. I let my homework slide for the most part and tried to just rest and recuperate during naptimes and evenings. My current set of classes end this weekend and I'll start new ones next Monday. I'd like to get done with my work by Friday so I'll have the weekend to relax. We'll see how that goes.

Tom is not feeling well now. I hope he recovers faster than I did. I kept telling him not to kiss me! LOL!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 273 and updated debt amount

It occurred to me with the craziness of last weekend and the not feeling too swift most of the week, I hadn't given an updated debt total lately. We are at $8792.26 in debt paid off since January! That means after paying our next car payment, we're going to break $9000! That is just incredible to me. God has really blessed us. Our baby EF took a couple of hits this week (my medicine for being sick and the plumbing problems yesterday), but is still at $590. I have not had any calls for my openings but with not feeling well last week, I wasn't up to interviewing and possibly starting any new families yet anyway. So just keep those prayers going and I know that I will get the right family or families when it's time.