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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 502 and working on my to-do list

We got the grocery shopping done last night, and so this morning I woke up determined to make some headway on this to-do list. So far I have accomplished quite a bit, including browning up hamburger meat, laundry, faxing in some paperwork that I needed to do, switching out books in the playroom, gathering up the toys I want to switch out, laundry, and a few other little things that I needed to get done. It feels good to be getting stuff done. Now I'm working in the office trying to clear it up a bit and get it looking slightly less like a pigsty! Well, the dryer just buzzed, gotta go fold clothes! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 501 and keeping my fingers crossed

Today there was an online article in the Enid News & Eagle about manafacturing layoffs in Enid. They spoke to the head of Tom's company and he said they hope to resume regular hours by the "end of summer". Tom said the rumor at work is that they might go back in July. Either way, I'm praying and keeping my fingers crossed that it is true. At any rate, I know God will take care of us.

Have I mentioned the totally awesome gift that one of my daycare families gave me as a going away gift last week? A two night stay at the Cherokee Inn & Resort in Tulsa. We booked our getaway for July 3rd & 4th! I cannot wait! We'll just need money for food and spending.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 500...and looking for something profound to say

Wow, 500 days of this journey and writing about it on the blog. I wish I had something profound to say today. About the only thing that keeps coming to mind is the quote "never, never, never, never give up!" That's what I keep telling myself lately. It seems things have been tough, but I guess that's life. I'm sad because I lost some kids last week (one of the families had been with me almost 8 years). I'm sad because my great-uncle passed away. Even though he had been in poor health, it still makes me sad. I'm still worrying over Serenity, even though SHE insists that she's fine (that's a mom for you though). And I talked yesterday about how overwhelmed I feel about everything lately around the house. It's tough to get myself together and do everything that I need to when I feel this way. But when I look back at the progress that we've made, I feel better. It is a journey.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 499 and feeling like I'm not doing very well

Lately I have just not been keeping up well with the housework, the paperwork, doing the budget, and other organizational tasks. My desk and office are a total mess. It's almost all to the point that I'm so overwhelmed that I do not even know where to start. Ugh. Anyway, I need a plan.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Days 497 & 498 and oops!

I totally forgot to write yesterday. Since I've been done with my college classes, I've been actively avoiding the computer much of the time and spending my spare time reading books. Books that I want to read. LOL. I don't get much time for reading while I'm taking classes. That is pretty hard for me since reading is one of my favorite pastimes. I rarely buy a book brand new (although I do sometimes). I mostly try to buy them at thrift stores or used at Hastings, or order them used online. My father-in-law is also an avid reader and he lets us borrow his books when he gets done. That's a lot of what I've been reading on since I got done with classes is books that we've borrowed from him that I haven't had time to get to in the last several months.

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Mine was pretty good and relaxing. I guess I just really needed some down time because I don't really even feel that guilty about not getting anything done. LOL.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 496 and The Tortoise & the Hare

So tonight's FPU lesson was about investing. For someone stuck on Baby Step #1 (get $1000 in the baby EF), that idea seems so far off! But during the lesson, Dave talks about interviewing a billionaire who gives him two pieces of advice: 1) for Dave to keep his giving spirit and 2) for Dave to remember that in the book The Tortoise & the Hare, the tortoise always wins! For some reason, that was really encouraging to me. We may be plodding along slowly, but we just have to keep trying. It did not get this way overnight, it will not go away overnight. So, here's to the tortoise!