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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goals are important

Today I've been thinking about goals and how important they are. They can help keep us focused and encourage us. Without goals, I tend to get overwhelmed and spin my wheels.

Last Friday I set the goal to make a menu for this week and to do a budget for the rest of this month. I am happy to report that I have done both. Tom and I still need to go over the budget, my goal is to do that tonight. My meals were so well planned that we didn't even eat out once over the weekend! My goals for this week (to be done by Friday)

1. Have the budget meeting with Tom.
2. Prepared a preliminary budget for February
3. Plan menus and shopping list for next two weeks.
4. I have been working on my house. My focus this week is the bathroom and the office. I will continue working in these areas.

Monday, January 14, 2013

5 year blogiversary!

Well, it all started 5 years ago today with this post:
Day One-introduction and goals

Hard to believe I've been doing this for 5 years! I'm not as good at writing here as I once was, but I'm trying.  

We've gone through a lot in those 5 years. Graduated two more kids from high school, Graduated a kid from college. Married a kid off. Graduated myself from college. Went through 15 months of Tom working 32 hour weeks. Tom had shoulder surgery, I had tracheal re-section surgery. Through it all we've become discouraged and depressed, but we've kept trying. We haven't given up. That's all we can do right? Keep trying.

Hope that all my friends and family out there have a blessed week. I am praying for each of you and ask for prayers for us as we continue into this journey. Eventually one day I WILL be posting on here that all of our debt is paid off!