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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Used my Target gift card tonight!

I used my Target gift card tonight. I think I did pretty well with it:

I got:
A package of Charmin toilet paper, 36 rolls, $14.99, had a $1 off coupon.
A package of Bounty paper towels, 6 big rolls, and a package of Bounty napkins, $6 and 3.14 respectively with a $2 off coupon.
2 bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner on sale for 1.89 with a $1 off two coupon
2 bottles of Lysol all purpose cleaner on sale for 1.89 with a $1 off two coupon
A package of Styrofoam plates (I needed them for this week's child care association meeting), 3.99
3 packages of Always pads, $5.49 each with a $5 gift card when you bought 3
a box of Angel food cake mix 2.24
2 packages of hot dog buns; $1.24 each

I paid for everything except the plates and one package of hot dog buns with the $50 gift card that I won, and owed 23 cents after coupons and the gift card. Then I used the $5 gift card from the first transaction to pay for the plates and other package of hot dog buns and owed 66 cents on top of the $5 gift card. So for 89 cents I got all of that stuff! What a blessing!

I also took my Register Rewards to Walgreen's last night and got 5 12 packs of Diet Coke for free, except for tax. So we're stocked up on Diet Coke for a while.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I got it on sale with a coupon

When I used to coupon alot, that was my favorite saying! LOL. Now I'm trying to do it again. I went to Walgreen's Monday night and picked up a few bargains:

Scotch tape, buy 1 for 1.99, get two free. I got coupons for them thanks to my wonderful niece Mandy so got those for free!

Excedrin products were buy one, get the other 1/2 price. AND if you bought $15 worth you got $5 in Register Rewards. I had coupons for all the bottles I bought so I saved an additional $4.50 on them. I got 4 bottles in all, should last us a while. Tasha uses them for her migraines a lot so they'll come in really handy.

Colgate products were 2/$6 and you got $4 in Register Rewards. I had $1 off coupons so with the Register Rewards, they were basically free.

Neilmed Saline Naso gel was on sale for $4.99 with $5 in Register Rewards and the one I picked up had $1.50 off coupon on it so I made $1.50 on that!

I also got free chocolate covered Peeps (thanks to coupons my niece told me about)and 3 bottles of Softsoap liquid hand soap.

Last week I went back with my Register Rewards and got the rest of the stuff I needed for our Halloween party plus a few other things and only had to pay tax. This week, I have $14 in Register Rewards to take back in, I'll let you know what I get with that.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Target gift card

I don't think that I've mentioned yet that I won a $50 Target gift card through a new site launching in May called Social Goodies. I entered through a link I found on Money Saving Queen. There isn't a Target in Enid where I usually shop but we are going to Norman this Friday to see Serenity and have a birthday dinner for Josh. Since there is a Target in Norman, I thought I'd stop by there and use my card. I'm going to check out their weekly ad and store coupons as well as gather my own coupons and try to stretch that $50 as far as I can. Wish me luck!

I was able to save a few dollars this past weekend between using a coupon at Wal-Mart, a $5 off $25 order at Dollar General, and some clearance deals at Aldi, where I do the bulk of my grocery shopping. I'm also looking forward to getting some great deals at Walgreen's this week!