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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bargains from last night

I went grocery shopping last night. These are the bargains I found:

Dayquill/Nyquil products 2/$11 with a $2 Register Reward. I also had a $3 off coupon which made them 2/$6 after the Register Reward.
Excedrin headache medicine was buy $15, get $7 in Register Rewards. I found one with a $3 off peelie coupon and had $1.50 coupon so got two bottles.
Lady Speed stick, on the clearance aisle for $1, had buy one get one free coupon, so got them for 50 cents each!

With coupons and previous Register Reward coupons, my out of pocket for all of that was $12. Got $9 in Register Rewards for a future purchase.

Taco Bell salsa, on sale 2/$4, had an in-store coupon for $2 off, so got them for $1 each.
Chicken Helpers on sale for $1.25, with coupons, $1 each
Progresso soups, on sale for 99 cents to 1.50, had coupons making them between 74 cents and 1.25 each. Stocked up on soups for a while!
No coupons, but Best Choice cream soups were 50 cents a can. Got several cream of celery and cream of chicken, and rain checks for mushroom and broccoli because they were out of those.
Also got rain checks for Taco Bell taco shells, on sale for 99 cents, but they were out.

Price matched Hamburger and Tuna Helpers (on sale at K-mart for $1, but they were completely wiped out of them). With coupons, 75 cents each.

As I have been doing this, I'm learning stuff along the way. Earlier in the year (around May), I found Van Camp's Pork & Beans for 25 cents a can (with coupon and sale) and bought 8 cans, I'm on the last can and haven't found as good of a deal again. So when they go on sale again next year at the beginning of summer, I will try to find more coupons and stock up some more.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did a Dave Ramsey No-No

Well, Tom and I made the decision to do a Dave Ramsey no-no this week and borrowed against his 401K. This is allowing us to pay off all of my medical bills from last year as well as settle a couple of credit card bills. Hopefully this will help us be able to get a foothold and make some progress. It leaves us with 4 other credit card bills (two more of which I hope to settle within the next few weeks, one of which we have payment arrangements on, and another which I'll be sending a letter to try and make arrangements on), Tom's medical bills (which we are making payments on), our house, and student loans. Please pray for our creditors to have mercy on us as we try to work out arrangements with them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food Pyramid Deals

Last night, Tom and I went to Ponca City so I could speak at a Victim's Impact Panel. I had looked at the Food Pyramid ad before we went and knew they had a couple of things I wanted to get. When I got there, I found out that they had their Libby's canned veggies on sale too, so got even more than I expected.

Libby's vegetables on sale 59 cents a can. I had $1/4 coupons, making them 34 cents a can.

Libby's canned fruit on sale for $1 a can, I had $1/2 coupons, making them 50 cents a can.

Food Pyramid doubles coupons up to 50 cents, so...

Spaghetti-O's, on sale for $1 a can, I had coupons that doubled making them 60 cents a can.

Ravioli, on sale for $1 a can, I had a coupon that doubled, making them 50 cents a can.

I got 16 cans of veggies, 8 cans of fruit, 6 cans of Spaghetti-O's, and 2 cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli for $19.26!! Would have got more of the fruit and veggies if I'd had any more coupons.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I really like coupons

This past Friday, I was the annoying person at Wal-Mart with a cart full of stuff, and a handful of coupons. LOL. I also had some items to price match. Some of my deals:

12 packages of Tide Single load, $4 for all with coupons. Super handy for Natasha doing her laundry in the basement of her dorm.
Totino's frozen pizzas, 1.25 each, $1 each after coupons
Hot Pockets: price matched 3/$5, with coupons: 3/$4. These are great lunches for Tom to take to work.
Saved 50 cents on three boxes of Kleenex and 55 cents on a package of Sparkle paper towels and $1 on White Cloud toilet paper
Campbell's tomato and chicken noodle soup, price matched 5/$3, after coupons averaged 52 cents a can.

4 bottles of Gain laundry detergent: $5 each, $4 each after coupon
2 bottles of Downy fabric softener: $4 each, 3.25 after coupon
3 bottles of Dawn, 99 cents, 49 cents after coupons
1 bag of Cascade packets, $4, $3 after coupons

My total after coupons was about $29, then I got $13 in Register Rewards back. I gave the bottles of Gain to Serenity and Josh. It's awesome to be able to save money and help out my kids in some little ways!