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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is God listening?

Sometimes I wonder if God is listening to me. Do you ever wonder that? I had a reality check last Friday. It had been one of those days. Heck, it had been one of those weeks. LOL. Among other things, I had a parent unable to pay me the full amount which left me in a bind. Then Friday at lunchtime, my sink clogged up. Now there's something about this kitchen sink, whenever it gets clogged, I can never get it undone,I always have to call a plumber. It clogs so far down in the line that I can't get it through normal methods. Anyway, because our emergency fund is non-existent and I hadn't got all the income I planned on, I was freaking out! I needed to unplug this myself because I didn't have the $'s to call a plumber. I prayed about it. I asked God to unclog my sink. I figured, He's a big guy, He can do it, right? I was even specific in my prayers, I asked him to unplug it by 2:00 or i was going to have to call a plumber. I didn't want to go into the weekend with no kitchen sink. So anyway, 2:00 came and it was still just as clogged. I was mad. Why couldn't God have unplugged my sink? Where was I going to get the money to pay a plumber? I called our normal plumbers, they were busy and couldn't come. I called another one, it was going to be A WEEK before he could come. Then I remember a friend's husband does some plumbing jobs and got ahold of her. He came over and got it undone and to top it off, they wanted to trade for child care! So, God was listening, just not in the way that I thought He was. My sink was unclogged and I had enough money to go get groceries.

So to answer myself, yes God is listening.