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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 372 and the top of my desk

Yesterday, I saw the top of my desk for the first time in months! It looks so nice and neat and organized and I'm going to work really hard to keep it that way. I mentioned before that I was going to set up a control journal (an idea from Flylady). I had started one previously, but never finished it. Well, it's coming together. I've got a pocket with a file for receipts to mark, record, and file away and another file for bills that need to be paid. Since they are right there in the binder, I am hoping that this will help me stay on top of them and not let them pile up too high. Before I had them in a folder box on top of the desk and I would just keep cramming stuff in there (especially receipts). I did a good job of keeping up with them last year, but I still have room for improvement. I've also been going through some of my files and throwing out stuff that I don't need.

Well, I've got some reading to do so I guess I better close this up for tonight.


Di said...

Good for you! Of course I am the complete opposite. I am very OCD about clutter! Mandy says that I am ANAL.....LOL It does help at the store. I can usually find anything Danny asks for in about 2 minutes or less. The NAPA reps always comment about how clean our store is. Of course they have to mean neat, because the dust and dirt gets pretty thick around here.

KiddoKare1 said...

Well, housekeeping has never been my strong point. It seems no matter how clean the rest of the house is, I always have to have a "clutter spot" which usually ends up being my office area.

Anonymous said...

ugh I need to clean my desk's pretty ridiculous over there.
Love reading the blog by the way!

KiddoKare1 said...

Oh, Hiley, thanks! (I'm really trying to get used to thinking of you as Hiley!). I'm glad you read the blog. I have enjoyed reading yours too. Once Tom finally told me about it. LOL.

Di said...

I am going to have to check out Hiley's blog!