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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 273 and updated debt amount

It occurred to me with the craziness of last weekend and the not feeling too swift most of the week, I hadn't given an updated debt total lately. We are at $8792.26 in debt paid off since January! That means after paying our next car payment, we're going to break $9000! That is just incredible to me. God has really blessed us. Our baby EF took a couple of hits this week (my medicine for being sick and the plumbing problems yesterday), but is still at $590. I have not had any calls for my openings but with not feeling well last week, I wasn't up to interviewing and possibly starting any new families yet anyway. So just keep those prayers going and I know that I will get the right family or families when it's time.


Heidi said...

Seems to me that God will bring along the right family when you are physically able enough to cope with it. He knows the right timing for both your financial and physical health needs. Sometimes it's hard to wait, but remember that He is your father who wants what is best for you. If you have asked in faith for His help with this problem, He will help you -- but at the time that's best for you! We do not need to worry or fear, for He knows our needs and has us covered in the palm of His mighty hand. Rest in that and be grateful for His loving care while you wait. :-)

KiddoKare1 said...

You are so right!