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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 275 and slipping

Tom and I have kind of been slipping. We're still doing pretty good at not eating out (especially compared to the past) but I haven't been doing very well at getting the budget together. It's just so discouraging right now.'s my goal. I'm going to get a budget done for the rest of the month by Friday (when Tom gets paid). Here's to getting back on track!


Di said...

Hey, when you feel bad, it is hard to stick to your resolve! A little back sliding is to be expected anyway. You will be okay. You are still doing really good!

Heidi said...

This might help:
When we have to tighten up, we keep a "budget board." Get a bunch of different colored index cards, and give each card a category ... Gas, Food, Chocolate, whatever you spend your money on.
Then every time you spend a cent, record it on the corresponding card. Keep these push-pinned to the board. At the end of the month, you tabulate how much you've spent in each category. this way you can see the trend of what you're doing -- where you're doing well and where you're overspending.
We also do a little "thermometer" and color it in during the month. We give ourselves a spending limit goal, and then color the thermometer according to how much we've spent per week. This also helps us as the month progresses to see if we are getting close to breaking through the top of the "thermometer."
To make this effective, you have to start it on the 1st of each month ... it's easier that way ... but either way, it's a great way to keep yourselves accountable.

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks, Di. Heidi, that's a really cool idea. I love it. Thanks!