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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 277 and a very trying day

You know how a few weeks ago I had a "this is why I love my job day"? Well today I had a "why do I do this job?" day. LOL. Seriously, it was an exhausting and trying day. I didn't get 5 minutes peace at naptime because by the time one of the boys was asleep, the baby was already awake. So I'm plumb wore out tonight. I had to seriously fight off the temptation to eat out. It was HARD! But we didn't give in, and I cooked supper. Now I am working on homework hoping I can get mostly done so I can enjoy my weekend and relax before my two new classes start on Monday.

Tom seems to be feeling better except for the nagging cough, so that's a relief. He did the dishes after supper so I could start on my homework. Speaking of, guess I better get back to it.

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Di said...

I hope your day is going better today. I was just "B****Y" or grumpy, as Bob Cole put it...LOL... all day yesterday. I don't know what it there a full moon????