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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 276 and temptation

Yesterday in the mail we got a letter from Fingerhut temporarily increasing our credit limit to $1400 through the end of December! We can use it to shop from the big holiday catalog that is coming out soon. Best of all, if we spend it all, they'll leave it increased after the first of the year. Geesh. First off, we paid off our Fingerhut account years ago and closed it. All of a sudden, the last couple of years they're sending us stuff again. The sad thing is, with Christmas coming up, this could be very tempting. I plan to throw the catalog away as soon as I get it. We have gone almost an entire year without incurring any new debt (besides the auto parts store which we're paying off). I do not plan to let temptation get me now. But it's always there, isn't it?


Heidi said...

Catalogues are my downfall, too, but mine are always clothing. My husband has taken to throwing them out, but I like to thumb through them to relax. It is a hard habit to break, especially with Christmas coming up.
Have you set a Christmas budget yet? That might actually help ... it doesn't mean you can't order from Fingerhut -- just stick to the budget and promise yourself that if you order from that catalogue, you won't go over.

Mom Thumb said...

Yes, I can tell the holidays are coming because of the influx of catalogues. Just this week I've gotten Nordic Ware, Collections,etc., Lillian Vernon and Fijis (don't thumb through that when you're hungry!). I look at them at then they go straight to recycle.

KiddoKare1 said...

Heidi, the thing is, I wouldn't even be tempted to order from Fingerhut if it weren't for the ability to charge it. I got the catalog today and threw it straight in the trash without even looking. I also ripped up the credit increase letter.
Linda, yum, I love that Fiji's catalog too. LOL.