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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 272 and Women's Heart Renewal at church

This morning, I went to a women heart renewal at church. We played games, they had the Mary Kay satin hands treatment available, manicures available, and massages. Then they had a table where you could make little sachet bags and another table with paper and pens to write letters to our missionaries in Brazil. I made a bag and got a hand massage, and wrote a letter. Then we had a salad lunch. It was very relaxing and fun and I was just really glad that I went. They also had child care available and Tasha went along with me to help with that.

While I was gone relaxing, Tom discovered that we had a leak under the house. He turned the water off and tried calling a couple of plumbers, but couldn't get any answer. He ended up calling a friend who met him at Lowe's and helped him find what he needed, then drove out with him and fixed it. Thank goodness for friends! Between the parts, the gas Tom put in his vehicle, and the money he accepted, it was $50. We may still end up needing to get a plumber out here, but at least we have water for now.


Mom Thumb said...

That sounds like a wonderful morning! I really like Satin Hands.

Hope your leak is fixed for good.

KiddoKare1 said...

Yeah, us too Linda. LOL!