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Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 208 and getting through those meltdown moments

Do you ever have those "meltdown moments"? Where you just feel like everything is going wrong and you just want to cry? I've been having a lot of those this week. Plus I've been doing a lot of worrying about stuff. This morning, I was trying to get through one of those moments and got to thinking about some of those moments from the past and how often whatever I was stressing out about turned out to work out fine in the long run. There are just so many things more important than some of the things that I stress out about. Of course, usually, I logically know that when I'm going through that moment but still getting through the moments to coherent thoughts, well, that isn't always easy. I pray, I take deep breaths, and I try to talk myself through them.

Tom & I went into Enid tonight and did the grocery and Wal-mart shopping together. We talked about how we need to get "gazelle intense" again (People who've been through Financial Peace University will know what I mean). I'm going to start listening to my Dave Ramsey CD's again and try to get motivated again. It's so easy to lose that motivation, especially when things haven't been going all that well. But that's when we need to keep it the most.

Have a good weekend. We're going to see Serenity tomorrow and take her the rest of her stuff. I'll try to write before we leave. Otherwise, I'll "see" you on Sunday!

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