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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 207 and feeling like we're back to square one

Well, the big praise of the day is that Tom's car is back! Phew! I paid the mechanic which brought our baby EF to under $300 and we still owe the auto parts store almost $300 and that's not counting whatever we'll owe on Josh's car before it's all said and done (although he will have to pay at least some, if not most of it). So the baby EF is going to be back to scratch. Tom & I are going to have to brainstorm some ways to get it filled back up again. Oh, and I did think of another blessing on Tom's car breaking down when it did, and on Josh's car not being done yet. Last week, I was annoyed that Josh's car wasn't done because I wanted to take Tom's car to Tahlequah. The car does a bit better on gas and it's a lot cleaner than the van. But since Josh's car wasn't done, I vacuumed out the van and took it. Well, if I"d taken Tom's car, there's a good chance that the breakdown could have happened while we were over there. I'd much rather break down here than 200 or so miles away. Anyway, sometimes things work out for the best, you just don't see it at the time. Besides, now the van is almost presentably clean on the inside. LOL.

I've got two parent/Tracy conferences and an interview scheduled for tonight. This has been a busy week! Then tomorrow night, I'd like to get my grocery & Wal-mart shopping done because on Saturday evening, we're taking Serenity the rest of her stuff (what wouldn't fit in her car when she came home last weekend) in Norman. Then we'll bring back the empty suitcases and bags so she won't have to store them.

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