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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 200 and Wow! Day 200!!!!

Ok, my first thought today is just "wow!" I've done this blog for 200 days.

Today's post at Frugal Dad talks about emergency funds, which got me to thinking about ours. I sometimes feel like we are stuck at Dave Ramsey's Baby Step 1: get $1000 into a baby emergency fund. We've been there and back a couple of times. LOL. But then I went in and added up all the unexpected expenses we've used it for, and it comes to over $2000 in the last several months! That would have caused major stress for us before, but we've had the money to take care of these emergencies and that is a huge blessing. Right now, our EF is at $345 and we've still got Josh's car repairs to take care of (although he is paying for at least part of it). So we need to get busy building it back up. I'm going to try and come up with some ways to do that. I know we've got some change saved, I'll roll it and cash it in and use it to put a little bit in the EF. I also have a couple more textbooks that I can list on Neither one of them are real high $, but every little bit helps. I'm also hoping for some drop-ins when school starts for some extra income that I can add to the EF. I could use some more ideas, too, if anyone has any to share!

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