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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 199 and things are going to start getting busy!

Dangit, I've had a sinus headache for 2 days now. Ugh!

Ok, a bit of a debt update finally. As of the credit card payments that I just mailed out within the lst few days, we are up to $6667.60 in debt paid off. July has been a really slow month, but things will start picking up in the next few weeks.

I ordered my books for my first session of college classes that start August 25th. I'll be taking 12 hours again this semester, 6 the first 8 weeks and 6 the second 8 weeks. OU has raised their tuition AGAIN so I'm just hoping & praying that I get enough financial aid to cover my classes. Next week, we have our first club meeting, I have parent/Tracy conferences, the week after that one of the child care associations start meeting, etc. etc.! Life is going to get busy!

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