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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 198 and the Moment is as it is

Last week I went into Child Care Finders in Enid to make some copies and I was able to borrow a set of DVD's on the Conscious Discipline system by Dr. Becky Bailey. Some of you already know that Dr. Bailey is one of my heroes. Anyway, I've been watching the DVD's as I've had time and one I watched today talked about accepting each moment as it is. We can't change what's happened in it (no matter how badly we may want to). We can only face what's happened, accept it, and move forward. If we refuse to accept the moment as it is, we're saying that the moment wasn't good enough and that we're not good enough. I'm thinking this really applies to our financial life, and kind of goes back to my time machine post of a few weeks ago. We can't change any of the foolish things we've done. I can't change what my income was like this summer, but I do know that the lower enrollment on some days has been really good for me mentally and I am feeling ready to get back into my college classes and have my child care be full again. I can't change what Josh did to his car, but I can be (and really am!) extremely grateful that it was just his car that was hurt and not him. I guess what I"m saying is that I want to stop fighting against what is and accept each moment as it comes. (You guys feel free to remind me of this in a few weeks when I'm whining about something else, LOL).

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