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Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 197 and It's Back to Work We Go!

Hi ho! Hi Ho! It's back to work we go!

Greetings everyone! I'm back to work today. I'm getting to ease back in with just one child! This week is actually pretty quiet all around, and may be the last quiet week of the summer. In the next couple of weeks, things will probably be returning to normal.

Now a praise report: I've already told you that my two full-time spots are filled. I contacted the lady that I interviewed with before vacation and offered her a drop-in slot during the school day and she will be coming by to pick up paperwork. I have another possibility for a drop-in during the school day. That would be a huge blessing and allow us to work on rebuilding that baby EF back up and then hit some debt hard. I've kind of felt like we've been treading water all summer (which is better than drowning, LOL).

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Di said...

That is great. With your determination, I am sure it will all work out soon. And you may actually have some girls this year!LOL