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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bargains from last night

I went grocery shopping last night. These are the bargains I found:

Dayquill/Nyquil products 2/$11 with a $2 Register Reward. I also had a $3 off coupon which made them 2/$6 after the Register Reward.
Excedrin headache medicine was buy $15, get $7 in Register Rewards. I found one with a $3 off peelie coupon and had $1.50 coupon so got two bottles.
Lady Speed stick, on the clearance aisle for $1, had buy one get one free coupon, so got them for 50 cents each!

With coupons and previous Register Reward coupons, my out of pocket for all of that was $12. Got $9 in Register Rewards for a future purchase.

Taco Bell salsa, on sale 2/$4, had an in-store coupon for $2 off, so got them for $1 each.
Chicken Helpers on sale for $1.25, with coupons, $1 each
Progresso soups, on sale for 99 cents to 1.50, had coupons making them between 74 cents and 1.25 each. Stocked up on soups for a while!
No coupons, but Best Choice cream soups were 50 cents a can. Got several cream of celery and cream of chicken, and rain checks for mushroom and broccoli because they were out of those.
Also got rain checks for Taco Bell taco shells, on sale for 99 cents, but they were out.

Price matched Hamburger and Tuna Helpers (on sale at K-mart for $1, but they were completely wiped out of them). With coupons, 75 cents each.

As I have been doing this, I'm learning stuff along the way. Earlier in the year (around May), I found Van Camp's Pork & Beans for 25 cents a can (with coupon and sale) and bought 8 cans, I'm on the last can and haven't found as good of a deal again. So when they go on sale again next year at the beginning of summer, I will try to find more coupons and stock up some more.

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