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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am on a roll!

I have been a cleaning and organizing machine lately! LOL. In the last few days, I have:

1. Worked on straightening up Josh's room so I can use it as a daycare storage room.
2. Worked on recording all of my work hours for this year (for tax purposes).
3. Went through all of my receipts and recorded them (also for tax purposes).
4. Did some straightening and organizing in the office and our bedroom.

Next I need to straighten up my pantry so it's easier to find what we have. It's getting pretty stuffed. What a blessing!

Last night's bargains:

Two 8 roll packs of Bounty paper towels (on sale for 4.99 each)
Two dry erase calendar boards (on sale for $1 each)
1 package of binder clips (on sale for $1)
With a coupon for one of the Bounty's and a $12 Staples Reward, my out of pocket was 81 cents. Yes, 81 Cents!!!!!! (See attached picture)

Thera-Flu products, on sale 2/$10 with a $5 Register Reward. I had a $3 off two coupon, making it 2/$7, plus the Register Reward
Also got boxes of cereal bars and granola bars for Natasha on sale for $2 each. With previous Register Rewards and the coupon, my out of pocket total was $7.48.

Another Walgreen's visit: Two packages of 12 roll Cottonelle for $5 each with 75 cent off coupons. I had taken my coupons to K-Mart first because they are doubling this week, but their Cottonelle was $8.49 for 12 rolls, so no bargain there. Didn't end up buying anything at K-Mart, no good sales that matched my coupons. I was very sad.

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