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Monday, September 19, 2011

I really like coupons

This past Friday, I was the annoying person at Wal-Mart with a cart full of stuff, and a handful of coupons. LOL. I also had some items to price match. Some of my deals:

12 packages of Tide Single load, $4 for all with coupons. Super handy for Natasha doing her laundry in the basement of her dorm.
Totino's frozen pizzas, 1.25 each, $1 each after coupons
Hot Pockets: price matched 3/$5, with coupons: 3/$4. These are great lunches for Tom to take to work.
Saved 50 cents on three boxes of Kleenex and 55 cents on a package of Sparkle paper towels and $1 on White Cloud toilet paper
Campbell's tomato and chicken noodle soup, price matched 5/$3, after coupons averaged 52 cents a can.

4 bottles of Gain laundry detergent: $5 each, $4 each after coupon
2 bottles of Downy fabric softener: $4 each, 3.25 after coupon
3 bottles of Dawn, 99 cents, 49 cents after coupons
1 bag of Cascade packets, $4, $3 after coupons

My total after coupons was about $29, then I got $13 in Register Rewards back. I gave the bottles of Gain to Serenity and Josh. It's awesome to be able to save money and help out my kids in some little ways!


Brenda Goetz Salladay said...

you could probably earn money couponing for others and doing their shopping,

KiddoKare1 said...

Wouldn't that be a fun job, Brenda? LOL! I can't hardly keep up with my own couponing though! HA!