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Friday, August 5, 2011

Tonight's Bargains

I did my shopping tonight and found these bargains:

United had a sale, buy 10 items get $5 off. I got 5 BBQ sauce and 5 more Planters Peanut butter for 99 cents each after the $5 off. I also had another store coupon so got an additional 50 cents off of one of the peanut butters. We should be set on peanut butter for a while.

At United, they also had Bic pens on sale 2/$1. I had coupons for $1 off of the purchase of two so I got 4 packs of ink pens for free.

At Wal-Mart, I price matched 4 more boxes of Gain. It was on sale for $5 at Family Dollar. This week, the price at Wal-Mart on the Gain was $6.84. I'm not sure if I misread it last week (I thought it was $6.48 last week) or if it has gone up. At any rate, just to give you an example of the kinds of savings you can get by combining a sale and a coupon:

Regular price of Gain at Wal-Mart: $6.84 for a 40 load box. About 17 cents a load.

If you just used the $2 off box of Gain powder coupon, you'd get that for $4.84, or about 12 cents a load.

Combining the price matched sale and the coupon, it's about 7.5 cents a load! That is a huge savings!

I still have 4 more coupons, I'm trying to decide whether to get 4 more boxes (there is a limit of 4 coupons per transaction).

I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to use my Tide coupons. I have some Tide coupons for $1 off any Tide detergent. If I use them on the travel size, I can get them free. I was going to get some to send with my youngest daughter for college. Hopefully they'll get some in before I go next time.

I am aware that other laundry detergents can probably be bought cheaper than Gain or Tide, but the original scents of both of those are ones that I know don't cause any skin problems in my family. A couple of my family members have broken out in hives or a rash from laundry detergents so I try not to get too adventurous with laundry detergent. LOL.

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Brenda Goetz Salladay said...

We got some bargains at United too!