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Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Week's Savings

I just want to share a few things that I bought last week so I'm doing two blog posts today so I don't forget! LOL!

Bounty Napkins, on sale for $1 at United, had $1 off coupons-got 4 packages for FREE!

Kellogg's Cereal and crackers, on sale for 2.49 each with a store coupon if you bought 10 boxes, you got $5 off, bringing it down to $20. Used three $1 manufacturer coupons on top of that: average price $1.70 for 7 boxes of cereal and 3 boxes of crackers.

Boneless skinless chicken, 1.49 a pound. Bought about 20 pounds worth. No coupons, but a good price.

Gain laundry detergent. On sale for 4.99 at Wal-Greens, where they were out. Price matched at Wal-Mart. Had $2 off Gain powder coupons, so got them for 2.99 each, got 4 of them (that was the max of those coupons that could be used at once). That is a savings of more than 50% off the Wal-Mart regular price of 6.48. Saw that they are on sale for $5 at Family Dollar this week, hope to buy some more since I still have coupons. We're on our last box of what I bought earlier this summer on sale and with coupons for 3.99. A box usually lasts me about 2 weeks so 4 boxes will last me about 2 months. Hope to get enough to last for several months.

$10.99 Schick Hydro razor at Wal-Greens for $1.

Planters Peanut Butter for $1 at United with a rain check (they were out of the creamy when it was on sale last week). Had a 50 cent off coupon that I could use on one of them so got one of them for 50 cents!

On the back of the rain check, there was a 50 cent coupon for Best Choice ice cream or eggs. I used it on eggs which were on sale for 88 cents, so got a dozen eggs for 38 cents.

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