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Monday, August 1, 2011

More of what I learned from the Money Saving Queen

The first part of the class focused on coupons, the second part focused on saving money in other areas. Basically, take the principles and apply them to other areas of your life.

For example, find out what time is the best time of year to buy certain items. Right now is the best time of year to buy school supplies. Don't just buy enough to get your kids started, buy enough to last the whole year. That way when they run out of paper or all their crayons break, etc., you have extras at home that you bought at the sale price and you don't have to go out and pay full price. And keep in mind that Wal-mart is not necessarily the best place to buy school supplies. I've seen great sales at United grocery stores, Staples, and Wal-Greens. You might be able to do some price matching at Wal-Mart if you want to make it easier on yourself, though. One thing I have noticed about Wal-Mart the last few years, they do not put their school supplies on sale like they used to.

For clothes, do a Google search to see if you can find a coupon code for the store or brand you want. Look for the best way to purchase it. Often you can get better deals online than you can in the store.

She also shared several sites that you can get deals through, or earn points to get gift cards, etc.

No More Rack
Rue La La

These are just a few. You can do a Google search for Groupon, Living Social, Bzzagent, and Retail Me Not.

Happy Savings!

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Brenda Goetz Salladay said...

I can use all the saving tips you got!! Some I know but forget about them!!