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Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week

So this week, I have worked out everyday! Monday & Friday, I did my Walk Away the Pounds workout, Tuesday & Thursday, I did the Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD, and Wednesday, I shoveled snow. I have to say, I feel pretty good. I think another week of doing 1/2 mile on the Walk Away the Pounds DVD and then I'll go ahead and bump it up a little bit more, maybe to 3/4 mile (wanting to take it slow and not burn myself out). What amazed me the most was being able to shovel that snow! Less than two months after my surgery and shoveling all that snow! Wow! I couldn't have done it a year ago. Or I'd have been gasping and wheezing and worn out. Don't get me wrong, I was tired after, but in a good way.

Goals for the next week:
By next Friday: I will make a new list of our current bills. Time to face the music.

Work out Monday-Friday again next week!

Continue working in the office to get it cleaned and organized.

1 comment:

Di said...

Yeah! keep up the good work!!!