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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Easy

It's easy to have a good and positive attitude when things are going well. But what about when things aren't? Then it gets harder. I have been feeling pretty discouraged since Friday. Our washing machine pipes and drain have frozen up 3 times in the last month thanks to this insanely cold weather. Friday, I got up there to put the heater up and try again to thaw it out and realized that one of the pipes had broke. I was so grateful to have noticed it before it made a mess. I called a plumber who came out and fixed the problem before the pipes thawed and made a huge mess. Phew. But that phew cost me $102. LOL. Much less than a huge flood would have, however. Anyway, then Saturday, I came home after my class and tried the washer, only to find out that it was leaking from behind the washer. After assuming at first that it was just a loose hose, Tom finally figured out yesterday that it was the water inlet valves, one of them had cracked. Called Sears and ordered another one. $40.95 with shipping and handling and it's supposed to be here "by the 21st". So...possibly another week with no washing machine. Makes me very grateful again for the laundromat here in town, but it's $2 a load so it adds up fast! So, while I"m busy trying to focus on the positive, I"m struggling with feeling discouraged. When I mentioned that to Tom last night, he pointed out to me that Satan is the discourager. We're trying hard to get back on track and of course, what happens right away? "Murphy" comes to visit! So I am reminding myself of my post from last week about handing over everything to God and letting Him handle it. I will not take it back. It is in His very capable hands.


Di said...

Wow, you are right about Murphy. He seems to stalk you guys to find you when you are already down! I am so sorry. Danny suggested that next winter you might think about putting heat tape on your pipes that are freezing up. I told him I didn't know if they were the kind you could tape or not. Just an idea. Keep your chin up and keep the faith and hopefully things will start improving soon.

Louise said...

yes, some days we just have to try and keep our heads above water! it's hard not to get discouraged at times, but you sound like your really determined.
I think it's harder to keep positive about being frugal when we're feeling unwell, and you certainly had a rough patch with illness there for a bit.
hang in there!

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks, Di. The pipes are wrapped with insulation, but I will talk to Tom about the heating tape. Sure couldn't hurt! Thanks, Louise! And you are right, it's harder when you don't feel well.