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Monday, February 16, 2009

Days 397, 398, and 399 and my weekend

Saturday, I spent most of the day working on homework. Unfortunately I did not get it all done so I did not get to go down to see my grandpa on Sunday. On Saturday night, Tom, Tasha, & I headed to the church for the Valentine's banquet (Tasha helped provide child care). We had already committed to go and had to pay and had to take Tasha anyway so figured we might as well go and enjoy it. I thought I would have trouble relaxing and enjoying it, but once I got there, I was able to relax and have a good time. The food was good and then we watched Fireproof. Oh my goodness! If you are married and you have not seen this, rent it! It is very powerful!

On Sunday, we had church and I finished up my homework.

Today I'm starting a new unit in my classes. I am almost done with the textbook reading for one class.

I haven't got any updates on my grandpa since Saturday. On Saturday, they were hoping he would go home today. My dad had the appointment with the heart doctor today and I have not heard anything about that yet either.

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