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Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 403 and various updates

Well, I have to give a lotion update. Right now, absolutely NOTHING is working to keep my hands from cracking. I am so bummed out! They look and feel terrible!

Tom has heard from work that the Friday furlough could continue through March. We are so grateful that he has not been laid off completely, but this is still pretty scary! With the loss of overtime and the reduced hours, his pay has been cut by about 40%! So keep us in prayer, please. Right now with the increase in my enrollment, we are doing well. I am so thankful to God for that.

On my grandpa, he's at home and doing okay. At the first of the week, his blood sugar was so high that it wasn't registering on the meter. The last day or two, it's been down to around 200-300. Still way too high, but at least not off the charts. He has an infection at the incision site which isn't helping, I"m sure. Please pray for my grandma and my mom and the rest of the family.

We are going to see my grandpa tomorrow. I am also working on homework to try and get done before next Saturday because I promised Tasha I'd take her somewhere that day. If possible, I will post this weekend, but it may be Monday before you "see" me again. Have a great weekend everyone!


Carl Weaver said...

I used to see a hand cream that was originally made (I am not making this up) for slathering on cows' udders to keep them from getting chapped. The company got smart and marketed it as a hand cream. I can't remember the name but it had a bovine reference like Udder Cream or something. It was highly recommended by a number of folks. Go look for it - you never know.

KiddoKare1 said...

You know what, I've heard of that. I'll have to see if I can find some. Thanks for the idea! At this point, I'll try anything!

Mom Thumb said...

You could also try slathering on Vaseline and wearing gloves while you sleep. Not very sexy, but very effective!