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Monday, February 23, 2009

Days 404, 405, and 406 and more updates

We went to see my grandpa on Saturday. He is continuing to improve, but it is so hard to see him like this. He had a doctor's appointment today and I haven't heard an update on how that went.

My dad has his surgery on Friday. I spoke to all my daycare parents yesterday and told them I wanted to be there. They were all very understanding and willing to make other arrangements. I really did not feel like I could afford to take a day off but I also feel like there are things much more important than money. Being there for my dad is one of them.

We made it almost two whole months without a car repair. But Tom's car has been kind of acting up and so it is in the shop now. Keep your fingers crossed that it is nothing major and won't cost more than we have in the EF right now.

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Di said...

I hope things are good with your Grandpa, and I will be thinking about you Friday with your dad.