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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 339 and Silver and Gold

Another one of my favorite songs from the Christmas tape is "Silver and Gold".

Silver and gold...
everyone wishes for silver and gold
how do you measure it's worth
just by the pleasure it brings here on Earth?
Silver and gold...
means so much more when I see
silver and gold decorations on every Christmas tree.

Its really easy to want to chase after money and things and forget about what's important. It's especially easy this time of year. I am always filled with guilt and angst this time of year because I never feel like we give our kids "enough" stuff. Life isn't just about having money to get more stuff. It's about being with our families, helping others, and sharing love. That is the real silver and gold!

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Mom Thumb said...

A firm here in town donated a 42" HD television to our shelter in their CEO's name. Going down there and seeing the kids playing games on it, safe and warm on a very cold day, was the best gift ever.

Now all I want if for Curtis and Christina to get here safely tonight, driving from Minnesota!