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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 338 and There's Always Tomorrow

This is another of my favorite songs on the Christmas cassette:

There's always tomorrow for dreams to come true,
believe in your dreams, come what may,
There's always tomorrow, there's so much to do,
and so little time in the day.
We all pretend the rainbow has an end,
and you'll be there my friend, someday...

Well, as we all know, there may not always be a tomorrow. But I think it's important to learn to delay gratification in order to meet your goals. We have not always been very good at that, we still aren't sometimes. But what a difference we've made in our lives over the last year. Just out of curiosity, I looked at our December 2007 bank statement today. At the end of last year, we had paid over $1100 in courtesy pay fees to our bank. This year, we've bad $67.50 and $45.00 of that was before we started this new journey. Our debt paid off is up over 10,000. We have made mistakes and will probably continue to make them, but we're trying. That's all we can do. Believe in our dreams, come what may.


Mom Thumb said...

LOL, I love the songs from Rudolph and "There's Always Tomorrow" is my fave!

Di said...

I know you get discouraged when the cars break down, or someone has to go to the Dr. or dentist, but just look at how far you have come! Those are the kind of things that are always going to happen, and you will manage to take care of them. I am so excited for you at how great you have done. Keep up the good work!

KiddoKare1 said...

One of my favorites too, Linda! I also love "we're a couple of misfits". LOL.

Di, it is discouraging, especially when it all seems to happen at once. But it's been such a blessing to have the EF this year to take care of most of that stuff. Sometime in the next week or two I'm going to add up how much we've spent over the past year from the EF.