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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 328 and Breakfast with Santa

This morning, the club I belong to (called the Child Enrichment Club) hosted the Breakfast with Santa. We had 54 kids come to see Santa and well, it was just a lot of fun. I must confess that earlier in the year, I was feeling a bit negative about doing it again. But then back in August I was reading on a discussion board about how much it cost to do the Santa pictures at the mall and I turned my attitude around. So the point is, I was looking at it with new eyes this year. I do not remember exactly how many years we've been doing it. If I am remembering right, we started it in 2001, so this would have been the eighth year. Anyway, the way our group does it, is we host it at a community building at a local church. It is completely free for people to come. They can bring their own cameras and take pictures of their kids or we've usually got someone there taking pictures too that we can share with them. We've served muffins, donuts, or pancakes plus milk and juice. This year we did muffins. Anyway, it is all very laid back and relaxed. The kids can come in and go straight over to see Santa or they can go sit down and eat first and go see him when they're ready. There is no standing in line and you have to see Santa now or else. Because of that, there are very few screaming fits by the kids. Of course, there are some tears sometimes, but for the most part since the kids get to do it at their pace, it's pretty relaxed. It's fun to get to see the kids talking to Santa and it's fun to just get to talk to people and mingle. So I had a great time this year and I almost feel in the Christmas spirit now. LOL.

Well back to my homework now!

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