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Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 323 and Josh's car

Well, I think I mentioned last week that Josh's car had broke down again. Turns out that it is the transmission, but the mechanic was able to find a used one. So we can get it fixed for about $750 compared to over $2000 for a new one. So that's a relief. We have about $400 in the EF so we can help Josh out, but he'll have to come up with the rest. Then we'll be back to scratch on the EF, but at least we are able to help this much. I just hope we're doing the right thing. I think we are.

I have another cold. Obviously I need to be doing something to build up my immunity. My goodness, this is my third cold in 2 months! I'm sure it couldn't be because I"m running myself into the ground trying to do full-time college, hold offices in two child care associations and a mother's club, my job, and all my other responsibilities. Well, at least I get a break soon.

Please pray and send good thoughts that we are making the right decision about Josh's car.


Di said...

I hadn't talked to Mark, but I am glad he found you a used transmission. I hope it works out okay for you. Get to feel better soon.

Mom Thumb said...

Oh man, I feel for you. Jess went home yesterday sick as a dog and this is dead week at school, with finals next week. I want to go to Stillwater and make her some chicken noodle soup and hot tea with honey. I hate when people I love are sick. Hope you feel better soon.

KiddoKare1 said...

Di, Yeah, I finally called him yesterday to find out what was going on and got the 'good' news.

Linda, poor Jess! I hope she feels better soon! I'm making potato soup for supper. Comfort food. LOL!