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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 210 and another new week

Well, here we are getting ready to start another new week. Hope all of my friends and family had a nice relaxing weekend. Tom & I went to see Serenity yesterday. Tom got her bookshelf put together for her and her cable internet working on her laptop. Then I helped her unpack her books and movies and put them on the shelf. She wanted them all in alphabetical order. After I got tired of doing that, I put the rest of them on the shelf and she said she'd go back and fix it later. LOL. I don't know where that child came from!

Tasha's driving went pretty well yesterday. I think she had a good time, but of course she had to fight her usual motion sickness problems when she wasn't driving. Poor girl. They drove to Atoka! There were three of them in this group. They have a total of 18 hours of driving between the three of them to do and they got 14 of those hours done yesterday. Yikes! I said that the teacher must have nerves of steel to be in a car for 14 hours with inexperienced drivers.

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