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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Great garage sale finds today!

I hit the Pond Creek city wide garage sales today and did pretty well.

I got an umbrella for my new-to-me patio table, it was $1

A collapsible clothes drying rack for 25 cents

A collapsible rolling cart for $5

One of my daycare families gave me a pack 'n play and a pad for my changing table

A yoga mat for $1

2 vinyl flannel back tablecloths for 50 cents each (those are great for when the kids play with the water table inside).

3 bags of books for 50 cents each at the library sale and a couple of other books at sales for $1 each

I got a sweeper/steamer. Similar to my Shark, but it actually picks stuff up and has scrubby brushes. It was $15. Oh my goodness! I loved it! Already used it once.

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