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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting Stuck

This morning, I was mowing the lawn. We have three gates on our play yard. One of them is the one that the kids and I use all the time to go in and out. The other two don't get used very often, so they tend to get overgrown and stuck if we're not careful to move them around and mow through them. We had got into the habit of just weed-eating the big one in the back and earlier this spring when I tried to open it to mow through it, I ended up pulling it completely off it's hinges. So the last couple of times we've mowed, I've made sure to open the gate and mow through it. It is amazing how fast the grass and weeds grow up around and start holding that gate down. So anyway, that got me to thinking about an idea for a post.

Isn't that what we do? We get stuck. We don't move out of our comfort zone and things grow up and change around us and we're still there, unable to move. Let's face it, change is scary! Even if you're not happy with where your life is, usually it's easier to just stay where you are than it is to change. That's where I am in my life right now. I am tired of being stuck and I want to move and change! What am I doing to facilitate this?

1. I launched a blog about couponing and I am preparing a class on saving money and couponing to start offering in the area. My hope is to develop this into a business to make money to help us with our goal of getting out of debt.

2. I am going to start walking again. I got up yesterday morning at 4:45 and took a 10 minute walk! I got up this morning and mowed the lawn. I feel SO much better when I start the day with movement, but it is hard to have the discipline to do it.

Those are my two steps right now. The other thing about change is if you do too much too fast or you pull too hard (like I did with the gate last spring), you can end up way off from where you want to be. Sometimes that is necessary, but in this case, I think I want to take it slow and go where God leads me.

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