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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Breathing is awesome!

The last few days I have been thinking alot about health. It was a year ago at this time that I was going to multiple doctors and having multiple tests done to try and figure out why I was having so much trouble breathing. After they finally discovered the problem with my windpipe (after years of asthma meds that did no good), I had a major surgery in December. It was scary, but now almost a year later, I am so glad I did it! This fall for the first time during the fall allergy season in recent history, I CAN BREATHE! Sure, I still have allergy problems, but it's not being compounded by my windpipe swelling up to where I am constantly wheezing. I have had a couple of colds since the surgery and even though I felt lousy, my breathing was so much better than from any colds I've had in the past several years, it was amazing to even have a cold!

This morning, as I played outside with my kids. I was pulling them around the yard in the wagon, helping the little ones teeter-totter, "flying" one of the boys around like an airplane. And it hit me. A year ago, I couldn't have done any of that. A year ago, I was literally gasping for air and wheezing just from walking across the street or the yard. God was so good and faithful in helping find out what was wrong and directing me to the doctor that could help me.

Don't take your health for granted. It is a blessing!


Di said...

I am so glad the surgery worked for you. I am just sorry it took so many years and trips to different Dr.'s to figure it out! I wish Dr.'s would quit practicing medicine, and get it right the 1st time!

KiddoKare1 said...

Yes, me too Di. But unfortunately, part of the blame lies with me for not going to the pulmonologist when the doctor first suggested it. I might have known sooner. My own stubbornness, I guess.